Mobidiag Launches Life-Saving Diagnostic Test to Improve Sepsis Treatment in Hospitals

Prove-it(TM) Sepsis assay provides critical information for early antimicrobial treatment review by identifying the sepsis causing pathogens significantly earlier than current diagnostics. Helsinki, Finland, October 30th, 2008 - Finnish biotechnology company Mobidiag launches its first CE-marked product for In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) of sepsis. The microarray-based Prove-it(TM) Sepsis is invincible in both the coverage and the rate of detecting dangerous bacteria including the superbug MRSA from positive blood culture samples in a single test. The test enables simultaneous identification of 50 species in less than three hours. Based on the excellent performance of 3300 patient samples in the University College London Hospitals and the Hospital Districts of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS, Finland) the assay is now qualified for reliable clinical diagnostics. "Now having the CE-IVD status our test has all the potential to revolutionize the current hospital methodology of clinical sepsis diagnostics," says Jaakko Pellosniemi, CEO of Mobidiag. "The excellence of Prove-it(TM) Sepsis test combines different technologies into an easy-to-use assay with unambiguous detection and analysis. Moreover, our test is unique in its speed, reliability, simplicity and the tremendous target range," Pellosniemi says. "Sepsis or bacteremia is common and very serious condition in which microbes have invaded the bloodstream resulting in life threatening whole body inflammatory state," says MD, Docent Veli-Jukka Anttila from HUS. The problem in sepsis treatment is the currently time-consuming pathogen identification. The sooner the effective antimicrobial treatment is started, the better for the patient prognosis. "I believe that Mobidiag's new sepsis test is an important step towards quicker and more precise sepsis diagnostics helping in treatment decisions and improving the hospital hygiene, especially in preventing the spreading of multiresistant bacteria such as MRSA. The high specificity and sensitivity of the test are truly convincing," Dr. Anttila states. The Prove-it(TM) technology is a result of Mobidiag's innovative research and development work. Release of the first CE-accepted product opens the healthcare markets for Mobidiag. "We intend to stay in the frontline of development and continue to play a vital role in clinical diagnostics equally in the future," Pellosniemi concludes. Additional information: CEO Jaakko Pellosniemi, Mobidiag Ltd, tel. + 358 40 501 1004 Mobidiag Ltd, founded in 2001, is a Finnish biotechnology company specialized in rapid diagnostics of life-threatening infections. Mobidiag develops unique and innovative microarray-based Prove-it(TM) technology which enables solid identification of multiple pathogens simultaneously. This announcement was originally distributed by Hugin. The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.