4Energy Invest starts the construction of a large scale torrefied wood pellets production facility in Amel for a total investment of 13 million Euro

Brussels - February 2, 2009 18.00 CET 4Energy Invest, the Belgian renewable energy company focused on valorising biomass into energy, announces today the start of a construction of the biomass torrefaction unit that will produce torrefied wood pellets (biocoal) for co-firing with pulverised coal in electricity generation facilities and charcoal for barbecue purposes. The biomass torrefaction unit will be built in collaboration with Stramproy Green Technology, the Dutch-based engineering contractor and technology owner. The total investment program launched by 4Energy Invest for the biomass torrefaction unit and a biomass storage platform results in capital expenditures of about 13 Million Euro. 9.3 Million Euro will be provided by the banks and the difference will be funded out of the proceeds that 4Energy Invest raised through its IPO in June 2008. 12 additional direct full time jobs will also be created. Biocoal are wood pellets processed through a torrefaction unit. Biocoal is a solid enhanced biomass fuel in terms of energy density (almost twice the energy density of wood sawdust pellets and equivalent to the energy density of the coal used in coal fired power stations by utilities). High-grade solid fuel suitable for multipurpose commercial, industrial and domestic use, it is used as renewable fuel for the substitution of coal in electric generation facilities or for the substitution of wood fuel pellets, briquettes or other biomass-based fuels with high energy density. Biocoal is hydrophobic and is easy to store and handle. The annual production capacity of the biomass torrefaction unit in Amel will equal approximately 38,000 Tons, composed for about 94% of torrefied wood pellets (biocoal) for substitution of coal in coal-fired electricity generation facilities and about 6% for barbecue purposes. The biomass storage facility will be able to host up to 35,000 Tons of feedstock and will act as strategic platform for the biomass-to-energy activities of 4Energy Invest. Start of commercial operation of the biomass torrefaction unit is scheduled for end 2009. The existing cogeneration units of 4Energy Invest will supply the biomass torrefaction unit with the renewable heat and electricity needed in its production process. The biocoal produced by 4Energy Invest will thus have a minimum CO2 footprint. Yves Crits, CEO of 4Energy Invest, comments: "The innovative renewable character of the large scale biomass torrefaction unit of 4Energy Invest in Amel is supported by the banking institutions, which is a strong sign of confidence in our company. Moreover, this investment will imply the creation of 12 jobs." About 4Energy Invest 4Energy Invest is a Belgian based renewable energy company that aims at creating and managing a portfolio of small to midsized locally embedded projects that valorise biomass, directly or indirectly, into energy. 4Energy Invest identifies potential biomass projects, performs a feasibility study and eventually takes responsibility for developing, financing, constructing and operating the project, in close cooperation with carefully selected suppliers and partners. 4Energy Invest (through its fully owned subsidiary Renogen) has two cogeneration projects, located in Amel (Wallonia, Belgium), that are fully operational. 4Energy Invest starts building in Amel a large scale torrefaction unit to produce biocoal or torrified wood pellets with minimum CO2 footprint. Exploiting its in-depth biomass expertise, 4Energy Invest presently pursues other cogeneration projects either on a stand alone basis or in combination with other applications that convert biomass into solid fuel (biocoal). In that respect, cogeneration projects in Ham (Limburg, Belgium) and in Pontrilas (England, UK) are under advanced stage of development. In addition, 4Energy Invest has recently moved two projects from the origination phase to the development phase (combined cogeneration and biocoal production project in Reisbach, Germany and a biogas and biocoal production project in Flanders). 4Energy Invest is listed on Euronext Brussels under symbol ENIN. This press release is made available in English, Dutch, French and German through our corporate website www.4energyinvest.com For more information, please contact: Yves Crits, Chief Executive Officer Tel: +32 (0)2 526 90 11 yves.crits@4energyinvest.com Origami PR Consultant - Lucia Sanchez Tel : +32 (0)2 539 07 04 lucia@origami.be This announcement was originally distributed by Hugin. The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.