2008 - the year of growth. And this trend continues in 2009

After slightly difficult year 2007 the group Newton 21 Europe that turned meanwhile into Vivactis - Newton 21, showed in 2008 a rapid growth of operating profit. Indeed Newton 21 Europe's affiliates realised together in 2008 the EBITDA of 1.995.544 Euros, the net progression of 30%. 2008 was marked in particular by the take-over concretisation (that was previously postponed several times) of a French group Vivactis active in healthcare communication. This take-over is a starting point for the intense development of the activities in the still growing sector of pharmaceutical and well-being industry. As regards the turnover, it shows minor withdrawal reaching 29.541.053 Euros due to deconsolidation of the Belgian affiliates that achieved in 2007 the turnover of 5.678.000 Euros. As for the Gross Margin, it shows a spectacular grows achieving 18.392.881 Euros in 2008 in comparison with only 8.323.829 Euros in 2007! The year 2009 started in the same speed allowing to expect the growth of operating result of minimum 20% without acquisitions. In addition to the launch of Vivactis in Switzerland and in Spain the group proceeded in May 2009 with the 100% acquisition of a company based in Rome. This operation will enable the development of Vivactis in Italy. This new affiliate achieved in 2008 the EBITDA of 350.000 Euros. The group management forecasts for 2009 a minimum operational result of 3.000.000 Euros as a total of all the existing affiliates and possible acquisitions. Contacts for additional information: Alain Mahaux, CEO : +32.(0)2.743.27.43 Rudy Roosemont, CFO: +32.(0)2.743.27.68 Jean-Claude Sauli: +33.(0) Download this press release in .pdf This announcement was originally distributed by Hugin. The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.