mBricks winner of Telenor Partner Prize for 2009

(Fornebu, 27 November 2009) Fighting off stiff competition from 15 other companies, mBricks came out as this year's winner of the Telenor Partner Prize and NOK 100,000. In collaboration with SuperOffice, mBricks developed an ideal solution for providing PC solutions on mobiles. This is the first time that Telenor has awarded the partner prize. "Telenor wants to stimulate innovation of new solutions and services. This prize was established in order to highlight particularly successful solutions created by our partners. We hope that the prize will stimulate continued collaboration and growth with our partners," explains Abraham Foss, Head of Business Markets at Telenor Norway. In the partner competition, mBricks put forward a framework for the development of applications for mobile phones and demonstrated the use of the framework with a solution that it had developed with SuperOffice. mBricks' technology is designed to enable PC solutions to be provided on mobiles. The technology helps developers to create a single application that can be used on the great majority of mobiles phones, with a very good user interface, and that makes use of the mobile's various resources, such as its camera, memory and GPS. "We are very grateful for the recognition that the jury has given mBricks with this prize. We are now looking forward to continuing our exciting collaboration with Telenor in order to realise our common goal of making our companies' PC solutions available on ordinary mobile phones, both in Norway and internationally," mBricks' CEO Svein Therkelsen says. "Telenor is one of the leading operators that both stimulates innovative solutions and, very importantly, actually implements new technology for its customers. We value our collaboration with Telenor highly and we are making every effort to continue to develop technical solutions that will provide user-friendly services for its customers," Therkelsen continues. "With mBricks' technology, developers can create a solution that functions across all mobile phones that can operate Java, and in so doing to reach the great majority of mobile users," says Frank Elter, who heads up the jury at Telenor. Elter believes that mBricks' development platform will stimulate the development of advanced mobility solutions. The collaboration with SuperOffice shows that such solutions are now commercially mature. Developers can focus on a single platform instead of producing adapted solutions for the great variety of different types of phones. The solution also has a potential for internationalisation. "The jury believes that this solution will enable a great many companies and users to benefit from mobile solutions both in Norway and internationally," Elter says. The Telenor jury consisted of Stein Tømmer, Pål Normann Johannsen, Hans Christian Hauglie and its foreman Frank Elter. For further information: Frank Elter, Director of Business Development at Telenor Norway, tel. +47 90175829 Svein Therkelsen, CEO of mBricks; tel. +47 90125826 This announcement was originally distributed by Hugin. The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.