Net Asset Value(s)

19 January 2010 The Company announces that the unaudited estimate of the total assets of Jupiter Green Investment Trust PLC as at 18 January 2010 was £43.861 million. The net asset values of the shares are estimated to have been: +---------------------------------------------------------+----------------+ |  |Net Asset Value/| | | Share (p) | +-------------------------+-------------------------------+----------------+ |Undiluted Ordinary shares|- excluding income and expenses| 106.13| +-------------------------+-------------------------------+----------------+ |  |- including income and expenses| 106.20| +-------------------------+-------------------------------+----------------+ |Diluted Ordinary shares |- excluding income and expenses| 105.10| +-------------------------+-------------------------------+----------------+ |  |- including income and expenses| 105.16| +-------------------------+-------------------------------+----------------+ Monthly fact sheets for Jupiter's investment trust clients are available for download and by post or fax on request from the company secretarial department. Enquiries: Faith Pengelly Company Secretarial Department Jupiter Asset Management Limited 0207-314-4915 [HUG#1374998]