Andreas Jacobs (filing A) - Transaction date: 13.1.2010

1. Details of the Liable Person 1.1 Family Name Jacobs 1.2 Forename Andreas 1.3 Street Sägereistrasse 10 1.4 Postcode / City / Country CH-8152 Glattbrugg, Switzerland 1.5 Function Non-executive member of the Board of Directors 1.6 This transaction has been Jacobs Venture AG executed not by the liable person, but by or on behalf of a person closely associated with the liable person. 2. Details of the product 2.1 Type of transaction Sale 2.2 Type of security Adecco S.A. registered shares 2.3 Key conditions attached to unlisted conversion and purchase rights and n.a. financial instruments (e.g. exercise price, exercise period, duration, american/european style, etc.) 2.4 Number of units traded 104'160 2.5 Price CHF 6'249'599.00 (CHF 60.00 per share) 2.6 Date of trade and place 13 January 2010, Zurich ("relevant binding transaction") 2.7 Reason for transaction (optional) n.a. Location, Date: Zurich, 15 January 2010 / signed [HUG#1375037] Andreas Jacobs (filing A) - Transaction date: 13.1.2010: