Converting class A shares and change in the number of shares outstanding

During the month of February the number of shares in Addtech AB has changed due to shareholders request for conversion of 1,344 class A shares to corresponding number of class B shares. After the conversion the total number of class A shares is 1,099,782 and class B shares 21,633,050. The number of shares and the number of votes in Addtech AB are shown in the table below: Number of Number of Number of   class A shares class B shares votes Number of shares Before conversion 1,101,126 21,631,706 32,642,966 22,732,832 After conversion 1,099,782 21,633,050 32,630,870 22,732,832 During February, holders of personnel options have exercised 22,000 personnel options to acquire 22,000 class B shares. Addtech AB has during February repurchased 86,800 shares at an average price of SEK 115.65. Addtech's holding of shares in treasury at the end of February amounts to 466,800 class B shares, equivalent to 2.1 percent of the total number of shares and 1.4 percent of the votes in Addtech. The number of shares outstanding at the end of February is 22,266,032. Stockholm, 26 February, 2010 Addtech AB (publ) For further information, contact Kennet Göransson, CFO, +46 8 470 49 10 [HUG#1388552] Converting class A shares and change in the number of shares outstanding: