Notice of Annual General Meeting of Hakon Invest AB (publ)

Shareholders in Hakon Invest AB (publ) are hereby summoned to the Annual General Meeting to be held at4.00 pm on Wednesday, April 14, 2010 in the Stockholm Conference Room at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm, at Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8. Light refreshments will be served from 2:30 pm in conjunction with the meeting. The Nomination Committee of Hakon Invest proposes the re-election of the Board members: Lars Otterbeck, Cecilia Daun Wennborg, Anders Fredriksson, Magnus Moberg, Jan Olofsson and Thomas Strindeborn. As a new board member suggests Andrea Gisle Joosen. Andrea Gisle Joosen (born 1964) is managing director of Panasonic Nordic AB. Andrea Gisle Joosen was president of Chantelle AB 2003-2006 and CEO of Twentieth Century Fox AB 2000-2002. She was previously marketing director at Johnson & Johnson AB and has held various positions at Procter & Gamble AB and Mars Inc. She has an MBA degree (MSc) from Copenhagen Business School. Jan-Olle Folkesson, who was a member of Hakon Invest's board of directors since 2005, has declined re-election. The Nomination Committee of Hakon Invest proposes the re-election of Lars Otterbeck as Chairman of the Board. More information on the Board members can be found at It is proposed that the fees to the Board remain unchanged at a total of SEK 1,980,000 of which SEK 550,000 is to be paid to the Chairman of the Board, SEK 330,000 to the Deputy Chairman and SEK 220,000 to each of the other members. It is proposed that a further maximum of SEK 325,000 be distributed for committee work. The Board proposes that guidelines be established for the remuneration and terms of employment of senior executives of Hakon Invest that shall apply until the end of the 2011 Annual General Meeting. These guidelines are consistent with those set at the 2009 AGM. Executive Director and other senior executives to the proposal subject to an annual recurrent combined shares matching and performance share program. The 2010 equity incentive plan is essentially the same as the 2009 program. One difference is that the vesting period for the 2010 program will be extended from two to three years. Furthermore, shares will be received without consideration in the 2010 program, unlike the 2009 program where the exercise price is SEK 10 per share. The shares in this year's proposed program to be awarded at a date fixed by the Board. In the 2009 program, participants can solve the shares at any time for about a year after maturity. The Board proposes that the Annual General Meeting approve the 2010 share-related incentive program for the Company's President and other senior executives as well as a share-related incentive program for other employees. It is proposed that the dividend be set at SEK 6.00 per common share. The complete notice can be found on the Company's website and is also appended to this press release. Documentation relating to certain proposals for decision can also be found on the website. For more information, contact: General Counsel                                                Head of Investor Relations Fredrik Hägglund                                                Anders Hallgren tel. +46-8-553 399 08                                          tel. +46-8-553 399 66 +-+ | | +-+ +-+ | | +-+ +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ |  | |Hakon Invest, which is listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm, | |conducts active and long-term investment operations in retail-oriented | |companies in the Nordic and Baltic region. Hakon Invest owns 40% of ICA AB, | |the Nordic region's leading retail company with a focus on food. The portfolio| |also includes shares in Forma Publishing Group, Kjell & Company, Hemma, | |Cervera, inkClub and Hemtex. Further information about Hakon Invest is | |available at . | |  | +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+   [HUG#1393921] Press release 100316: Notice of AGM :