Swedish Internet Exchange deploys WDM from Transmode

Stockholm, Sweden - 17(th) March 2010 - The Swedish Internet Exchange (Netnod) has significantly reduced customer costs by deploying an optical networking solution from Transmode, a leading provider of Optical Networking Solutions. ISPs in Sweden are able to interconnect securely via Netnod as it provides the National Internet Exchange-points across the country. The five exchange points are housed in underground bunkers in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Sundsvall, Luleå and Malmö. These bunkers were originally built by the Swedish Government to house critical telecommunications infrastructure. Netnod has deployed the Transmode TM-Series in order to increase the capacity and reliability but mainly to reduce its costs. "Not only have we significantly reduced the number of fibers we connect to, as well as our costs, but we have also been able to significantly increase the capacity of the network. The Transmode installation has directly led to an increase in the number of our ISP customers," said Netnod's CEO Kurt-Erik Lindqvist. "Having decided we needed a WDM solution, we sent an RFP to seven telecommunications vendors, and after an exhaustive selection process we chose the Transmode TM-Series," added Lindqvist. "Only two companies could meet our specification due to our particular network requirements. We selected Transmode on price and the ability to meet our delivery times." "This Netnod installation is yet another example of how Transmode's WDM solutions are enabling national Internet exchanges to improve their performance - both in terms of capacity and value for money," commented Björn Andersson, Transmode's VP Sales. "We have already implemented similar successful installations in London's LINX and Dublin's INEX Internet exchanges." About Netnod Netnod Internet Exchange i Sverige AB (Netnod) is a Swedish limited company established to be a neutral and independent organisation to build and operate the Internet exchange points in Sweden. Netnod is owned by the TU-Stiftelsen foundation Netnod coordinates major systems activities with Internet Service Providers in Sweden through membership in SOF (The Swedish Operators Forum) and through Netnod customer meetings. Technical specifications for the exchange points are determined by Netnod and its customers. The Internet Service providers can influence the technical specifications by participating in the technical dialogue within the SOF. For additional information about Netnod, please visit www.netnod.se About Transmode Transmode is a leading provider of optical networking solutions for transport of data, voice and video traffic, based on CWDM and DWDM technology (Coarse/Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing). Transmode's uniqueIntelligent WDM (iWDM(TM)) approach has lead to widespread deployment of over 10000 systems in a customer base consisting of more than 250 fixed and mobile network operators, service providers, large enterprises and public institutions across Europe, the Americas and Asia. Transmode's comprehensive product portfolio and strong global organization enable our customers to grow the capacity and to improve service level of their regional, metro and metro access networks, on a cost-efficient basis without compromising on functionality. For additional information about Transmode, please visit www.transmode.com For more information please contact: Ola Elmeland Vice President Marketing & Communications Transmode Systems AB Telephone: +46 8 506 882 71 Email: ola.elmeland@transmode.com Kurt Erik Lindqvist CEO Netnod Internet Exchange Ab Telephone : +46 8 562 860 11 Email : kurtis@netnod.se [HUG#1394141]