Generix Group : Q4 Revenue 2015/2016: +11% / Revenue 2015/2016: +9% | New SaaS signings 2015/2016: €25 million (+125%)

Q4 Revenue 2015/2016: +11% / Revenue 2015/2016: +9%

New SaaS signings 2015/2016: €25 million (+125%)

Paris, April 27, 2016 - Generix Group, Industrial, Logistical and Retail Ecosystems provider with leading Collaborative Software Solutions, issued today its revenues for financial year 2015/2016.

Q4 Revenue 2015/2016: +11% / Revenue 2015/2016: +9%

  Quarter ended March 31 Change 12 months ended March 31 Change
Unaudited (K€) 2016 2015 2016 2015
Licenses1 3151 047 26% 4 1004 004 2%
Maintenance4 3244 227 2% 17 44517 093 2%
SaaS5 0524 501 12% 17 84814 904 20%
Software revenues 10 691 9 775 9% 39 393 36 001 9%
Consulting Services5 1344 495 14% 18 99217 664 8%
Revenues (1) 15 825 14 270 11% 58 385 53 665 9%
  1. Including €232 K on Q4 2015/2016 and €877 K on 12 months ended March 31, 2016 from buying GMI Connectivity.

With revenue of €15.8 M, the Group recorded for the past quarter a 11% increase in generated revenue driven mainly by:

  • The SaaS business thanks to the rate of signings observed since the beginning of the period, generating growth of 28% in recurring SaaS business over the quarter. The fourth quarter of the previous financial year had recorded non-recurring service opening revenues, bringing the growth level observed over the past quarter down to 12%.
  • The new implementations generated by the SaaS signings, allowed Consulting and Services revenue to grow 14% compared with the same quarter of the previous financial year.
  • The loyalty of the installed base (License-based) brought growth of 26% in license sales and growth of 2% in the revenue of the maintenance activity.

The four quarters of growth recorded during financial year 2015/2016 mean that the Group can show annual revenue of €58.4 M, up 9% over the previous financial year. With revenues of €17.8 M (up 20%), the SaaS business is becoming the leading contributor to the software business.

New SaaS signings 2015/2016: €25 million (+125%)

  Quarter ended March 31 Var. Q4 2016 vs Q4 2015 12 months ended March 31 Var. 2016 vs 2015
Unaudited (K€) 2016 2015 2014 2016 2015 2014
New SaaS contract signing 3 276 4 425 4 429 -26% 24 506 10 881 8 818 125%

The dynamic sales trend observed during the 2015/2016 financial year means that the Group can post growth of 125% in newly signed SaaS contracts. Unlike previous years, the main signatures were concentrated at the start of the financial year and the 26% fall during the past quarter is not representative of the dynamic overall trend around the SaaS model.

As the new SaaS contracts signed run for an average of 4.1 years, the signatures recorded over fiscal 2015/2016 will, once the various deployments are completed, allow us to generate additional annual sales of close to 6 million euros, which is an increase of more than 45% in CMRR*. 

The Group has always benefited from a very loyal customer base and the attrition rate fell once again compared with the previous financial year. This trust is also manifested in the lengthening of customer commitments on new contracts and renewals. The signatures recorded over fiscal 2015/2016 and the extending of the commitment period allowed the SaaS backlog** to increase 2.3 times over the past period.


Growth in new signatures compared with the previous fiscal year is concentrated around the SaaS model. Hence, as observed during the first half of the year, the Ebitda / Turnover ratio should be down compared with the previous period, driven especially by:

  • The impact over a full year of reinforcing operational marketing resources and the sales force undertaken in 2014/2015 and which translates into growth in the number of SaaS contracts signed.
  • Sales force variable costs linked to these signatures.

Despite these aspects, the Group will continue to record a substantially positive Ebitda and will be able to pay for its transformation to SaaS out of the revenue stream.

*Monthly recurring revenue after taking into account contracts that are signed but which have not started yet and cancellations that have not yet taken effect
**SaaS backlog: firm orders received in SaaS spread over several years which are not recognized in revenue yet

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Annual results for financial year 2015/2016


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