Heijmans to develop Westergouwe area

's-Hertogenbosch - Heijmans Property Development, the City of Gouda and Volkers Wessels Vastgoed signed an agreement of collaboration for the development of the new Westergouwe residential district near Gouda. Heijmans and Volker Wessels will develop an expected 1,900 homes and the shopping centre - on the basis of a 50-50 share - between 2009 and 2015. The projected revenues for Heijmans during this period amount to approximately ¤240 million. The homes are part of Heijmans development potential of 45,700 homes. The City of Gouda, Heijmans and Volker Wessels put a lot of effort into designing a quality residential environment and surroundings in Westergouwe. A total of 3,850 homes will be built surrounded by abundant water and green spaces. The district will initially be developed for starters, seniors and families. 400 homes are designated as rental homes. Furthermore, 60 homes will be developed along or in the water in accordance with the Waterwonen (Living on Water) concept. The urban development plan also allows ample room for the implementation of the Wenswonen© principle, that affords buyers an opportunity to design their home in accordance with their own wishes. Projections call for the region to be prepared for construction during the course of 2009. Expectations are that the first homes will be delivered in 2010. The agreement of collaboration that the parties have currently signed takes all costs and interventions in relation to the soft soil and water management requirements into account. A volume of 4.5 million cubic metres of sand will be deposited. Furthermore, additional water storage capacity has been planned for and measures will be taken to counteract the seepage velocity at the north-east side of the area. During the past few months, the City of Gouda, Heijmans Property Development and Volker Wessels Vastgoed prepared an estimate of all expected costs and revenues. The conclusion is that it is feasible to develop and build the plan. This clears the way to move forward with the planning process, complete the urban development plan and to start preparing the area for construction.