Bombardier Transportation President Andre Navarri Calls for Change of Transportation Policies to Support Sustainable Mobility

OECD International Transport Forum Examines 'Transport and Energy: the Challenge of Climate Change' BERLIN, GERMANY--(Marketwire - May 29, 2008) - Participating in the OECD International Transport Forum in Leipzig, Germany, today, Andre Navarri, President of Bombardier Transportation, called for a change in transportation policies throughout Europe in order to promote sustainable modes of transportation. At the forum, which carried the theme 'Transport and Energy: The Challenge of Climate Change', Mr. Navarri stated: "The current status of our planet demands that we develop integrated transport systems that pro-actively rebalance the three major modes of transport - road, rail and air - to conserve energy, reduce congestion and reduce pollution. The reality today, as it has been for the past 50 years, is that road and air, still dominate investment and development focus to the detriment of rail." Following a keynote address by the German Federal Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and in the presence of Ministers of Transport as well as high ranking representatives from 51 countries, Mr. Navarri joined a panel of industry and government representatives on 'Implementing Integrated Policies and Planning'. "Sustainable mobility means minimizing individual car and truck traffic on roads, and increasing passenger and freight traffic on the rail", Mr. Navarri said. "This is a key challenge of the 21st century. Government policies need to do more to encourage large-scale investments in better public transport. Policy-makers have to fundamentally change transportation policies in their countries, on national, regional and community levels", he added. Mr. Navarri cited examples in the United Kingdom and Switzerland where policies such as congestion charging and heavy vehicle payload taxes are having a meaningful impact on pollution, congestion and modal shift. He referred to examples in some of the fastest growing economies of the world, such as India and China, where sustainable transport development focused on mass transit and rail infrastructure is at the heart of their multi-year economic development strategies. On a regulatory level, Mr. Navarri also called on European policy makers to increase and support inter-operability, or uninterrupted cross-border, cross-system traffic, and standardization for the rail industry, thus creating a truly internal market for railway equipment in Europe. "Standardization and inter-operability across Europe will be key to raising energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions", he commented. According to Mr. Navarri, the rail industry fully supports the concept of inter-modality and creating a level playing field between the different modes of transport. "Our position is aimed at creating the right conditions for fair competition", Mr Navarri said. "Today's rail industry is delivering the most eco-friendly modes of mass transit available, here and now," he added. Mr. Navarri concluded his remarks by referring to an OECD analysis which concluded that the transport sector caused an estimated 30% of total global CO2 emissions, of which 84% came from road transport and just one percent from rail. "The answer is staring us in the face", he said. Note to editors: Useful company background facts and contact details follow. Background facts and figures About Bombardier Transportation Bombardier Transportation has its global headquarters in Berlin, Germany with a presence in over 60 countries. It has an installed base of over 100,000 vehicles worldwide. The Group offers the broadest product portfolio and is recognized as the leader in the global rail sector. About Bombardier A world-leading manufacturer of innovative transportation solutions, from commercial aircraft and business jets to rail transportation equipment, systems and services, Bombardier Inc. is a global corporation headquartered in Canada. Its revenues for the fiscal year ended Jan. 31, 2008, were $17.5 billion US, and its shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (BBD). Bombardier is listed as an index component to the Dow Jones Sustainability World and North America indexes. News and information are available at Contacts: Germany, Austria Heiner Spannuth + 49 174 - 926 2691