Intervest Offices realises sustainability projects

Intervest Offices has taken a major step towards the use of green energy by the conclusion of a contract for the purchase of green power. In addition, the roofs of logistic centres will be used to generate electricity by means of solar cell technology. Intervest Offices has concluded a contract with the electricity supply company Electrabel to purchase green power (AlpEnergie) as from 1 June 2009. Due to the multi-tenant character of its portfolio the company is ideally placed to play a leading role in the energy consumption of the common spaces and equipment. The conditions of the new contract are very attractive. On the average annual cost more than 10 % savings will be realised (depending on the consumption). The tenants will benefit of these cost savings through lower common charges for the same consumption. In addition to the purchase of green power, the production of climate-neutral energy will start this year by installing solar panels on the roofs of three logistic properties. These properties are located in Boom (Industrieweg 18), Puurs (Veurstraat 91) and Wommelgem (Koralenhoeve 25). Solar panels will be installed on approximately 88.000 m² of roof area. Intervest Offices has opted not to invest in the construction of the photovoltaic system. For the construction of this project a 20-year superficies agreement has been concluded with Invictus, a company specialised in the realisation of such large-scale projects. Invictus will also manage and operate the system. At the end of the superficies agreement the system has to be removed by the holder of the superficies. Intervest Offices has the right the keep the system for a price to be determined at that moment. The income of the superficies agreement that Intervest Offices realises depends on the total installed capacity. This capacity is estimated at approximately 5.304 KW peak power. The annual indexed net income will be approximately ¤ 106.000 from the time the system goes life, which is expected to be in the course of 2009. Part of the generated power can also be purchased by tenants of the respective buildings at attractive rates, allowing them to reduce their operating costs. With the above mentioned actions, sustainability occupies a prominent place on the agenda. Jean-Paul Sols - CEO: "Our initiatives concerning sustainability show that economic aims and ecology are very well compatible. It is not only a matter of corporate social responsibility but it also further strengthens the dialogue with our tenants." This announcement was originally distributed by Hugin. The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.