Malka Oil's total production of oil for the month of November 2009 amounted to 62,865 barrels compared to October when the production was 62,062 barrels. On average production was 2,096 barrels per day compared to 2,002 barrels per day during October. The higher production during the month of November was a result of taking into operation the recently installed beam pumps in three wells in the Zapadno Luginetsky field. Oil sales for the month of November amounted to 60,210 barrels and the average price before tax was 36,6 USD per barrel. During November, Malka Oil produced oil from 13 wells. Planned production for the month of December is 62,775 barrels. For further information, please contact: Maks Grinfeld, MD, tel: +46 768 077 614 Sven-Erik Zachrisson, Chairman of the Board of Directors, tel: +46 8 41 05 45 96 For further information on Malka Oil AB, see the website Reasonable caution notice: The statement and assumptions made in the company's information regarding Malka Oil AB's ("Malka") current plans, prognoses, strategies, concepts and other statements that are not historical facts are estimations or "forward looking statements" concerning Malka's future activities. Such future estimations comprise but are not limited to statements that include words such as "may occur", "concerning", "plans", "expects", "estimates", "believes", "evaluates", "prognosticates" or similar expressions. Such expressions reflect the management of Malka's expectations and assumptions made on the basis of information available at that time. These statements and assumptions are subject to a large number of risks and uncertainties. These, in their turn, comprise but are not limited to i) changes in the financial, legal and political environment of the countries in which Malka conducts business, ii) changes in the available geological information concerning the company's projects in operation, iii) Malka's capacity to continuously guarantee sufficient financing to perform their activities as a "going concern", iv) the success of all participants in the group, or of the various interested companies, joint ventures or secondary alliances, v) changes in currency exchange rates, in particular those relating to the RUR/USD rate. Due to the background of the many risks and uncertainties that exist for any oil-prospecting venture and oil production company in its initial stage, Malka's actual future development may significantly deviate from that indicated in the company's informative statements. Malka assumes no implicit liability to immediately update any such future evaluations. This announcement was originally distributed by Hugin. The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.