TIE launches Stock Options Plans

TIE Holding N.V. (?TIE?)hereby announces the launch of the Annual Stock Options Plan, offering stock options to TIE staff worldwide. Additionally TIE launches the Option Plan for the Managing Director of TIE France SAS. A total of around 1.62 million options have been granted today at a strike price of EUR 0.216, which is today?s closing price of the TIE stock. The options have a vesting period of three years and a full term of 10 years. The Managing Director of TIE France SAS receives 331,481 options in total. Members of the Supervisory Board and Management Board have not been allocated stock options. Profile TIE TIE (NYSE Euronext: TIE Holding) is a software company specializing in the supply chain integration. The company bridges the gap between traditional forms of trading and the Internet. With TIE Kinetix, the company provides a total electronic concept embracing three innovative platforms for Business Integration (including e-invoicing, XML/EDI data synchronization), Content Syndication and E-commerce. TIE uses these technologically advanced methods to connect companies to each other and achieve a balance between supply and demand. The state-of-the-art TIE Kinetix solutions contribute to greater productivity and higher sales. TIE has more than two decades of experience in developing and implementing global E-commerce standards. TIE is a listed company with offices in the United States, Australia, France and the Netherlands. Further information: TIE Holding N.V. Jan Sundelin, CEO Antareslaan 22-24 2132 JE Hoofddorp The Netherlands T:      +31-20-658 93 33 F:       +31-20-658 90 01 E:       info@TIEglobal.com W:      www.TIEglobal.com [HUG#1370527] Press Release: http://hugin.info/133086/R/1370527/335212.pdf