Gypsum pond leakage at the Talvivaara mine

Stock Exchange Release Talvivaara Mining Company Plc. 18 March 2010 A leakage in the gypsum pond was detected today at the Talvivaara mine. The leakage did not cause discharge outside the mining concession. Talvivaara strives to minimise any damage or impact on the environment and has taken all necessary precautions and actions to rectify the situation. In order to decrease the inflows into the gypsum pond the Company shut down the metals recovery plant temporarily  and started securing the settling basin system around the gypsum pond. The cause of the leakage is being investigated and the monitoring of water samples has been intensified as a precautionary measure. Further information: Talvivaara Sotkamo Ltd tel. +358 20 712 9800 Lassi Lammassaari, Chief Operations Officer Heikki Kovalainen, Environmental Manager [HUG#1395396]