Tieto Sales Management as a Service

Tieto Corporation  Press Release  18 June 2010 at 11.00 am EET Tieto and Microsoft present a joint offering for the Russian market - Sales Management as a Service. The new solution from Tieto is built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and includes both software tools to support sales processes, as well as the consulting necessary to run the respective business processes. Until now only large companies have been able to benefit from the rich functionality of the Microsoft Dynamics platform. For small and medium-sized businesses such a product, despite all its obvious advantages, was not realistic from cost perspective. With the new service from Tieto and Microsoft, the advanced Sales Management System becomes available to businesses of any size. In providing such a solution, Tieto focuses on the consulting component and business processes management, because pure hosting solutions are now offered by many companies. Tieto's distinctive features include deep industry expertise and over 40 years of successful operation in the Nordic market. Andrey Konev, head of Digital Transformation and Consulting services at Tieto Russia and the CIS describes the key benefits of Tieto Sales Management as a Service solution: "Our work with a client always begins with a review of its goals and needs, combined with a diagnosis of the current state of the company's business processes. Based on the resulting data, we develop unique services for each particular client. For example, if the customer uses its own call-centre for sales and technical support, we can integrate its CRM system with the call-centre, thus providing fundamentally new quality accounting and analysis of incoming calls. Eventually, by using our technology and industry expertise, we help customers improve their business processes, which is much more important than just selling software." That's not to say software isn't important, too. Tieto provides all the necessary Microsoft software based on its own data centers in Russia. To achieve this, Microsoft and Tieto have an agreement that allows clients to use Microsoft products (such as Dynamics, Exchange, SharePoint, etc.) through a "Software+Service" model that allows customers avoid the capital investment involved in purchasing their own servers and server licenses for Microsoft products. Igor Iartym, Director of the Tieto office in St.Petersburg explains the technical advantages of the "Software+Service" model: "A solution like this generates considerable cost-savings for the customer. There's no need to invest in servers and their subsequent modernization, training or hiring additional staff. Tieto will provide a secure connection between data centre and company's network - and its CRM system, scalable and integrated into all workflows and other information systems, becomes available to all employees, anywhere in the world." For further information please contact: Andrey Konev, Head of Digital Transformation and Consulting Services, Tieto Russia and CIS, Tel: +7 81 2334 7635; email: Andrey.konev@tieto.com Olga Kuznetsova, Project Manager, Tel:+7 81 2334 7692; email: olga.kuznetsova@tieto.com Karina Gloukhareva, Head of Marketing and Communications, Tieto Russia and CIS, Tel: +7 98 5288 5606; email: karina.gloukhareva@tieto.com TIETO CORPORATION DISTRIBUTION Principal media Tieto is an IT service company providing IT, R&D and consulting services. With approximately 17 000 experts, we are among the leading IT service companies in Northern Europe and the global leader in selected segments. We specialize in areas where we have the deepest understanding of our customers' businesses and needs. Our superior customer centricity and expertise in digital services set us apart from our competitors. www.tieto.com [HUG#1425226]